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CEO Message

When Marina Insurance Brokers started operations in 2002, we made it a point to provide the local market with a fresh perspective in insurance broking. Our revolutionary approach did not focus on selling insurance, but rather on offering protection for our clients to enjoy life to the fullest.


Marina Insurance Brokers is certainly proud to be in the business of providing fundamental protection for people and their assets. We consider it our primary responsibility to help our clients secure the right coverage that would give them complete peace of mind and allow them to truly enjoy the good things in life. Marina Insurance Brokers offers a full spectrum of insurance products, including “Healthcare, Life & Personal Accident, Motor, Liabilities, Marine & Property”.


Being a value-driven organization, Marina Insurance Brokers first and foremost builds relationships with our clients and business partners. In this regard, we do not only strive to be a successful business organization, we go the extra mile by educating and empowering our clients and the public in general about the true value of insurance protection. Moreover, Marina Insurance Brokers is an ardent advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), for we believe that success in business is not only measured by revenues, but also through our impact on the lives of our employees, on the communities we serve and on the environment.


Moving forward, Marina Insurance Brokers will continue to aim for sustained long-term growth, guided by our core business values and our passion to serve and exceed the expectations of our clients.


Minhal Abou Zaki


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