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MIB Risk Management

To fully satisfy the needs of our clients, we conduct a complete physical survey of all assets and carry out a comprehensive study of all other matters that would normally warrant insurance protection. We do this at no cost to our clients because we believe that it is our primary duty to know and understand the nature of our clients’ activities. This approach has proved highly successful for Marina Insurance Brokers as it allows us to help our clients make informed decisions in choosing the ideal coverage that would match their specific requirements. We constantly strive to be clear and concise in drafting and presenting proposals to our clients, pointing out the risks involved and the appropriate coverage needed, while always taking into consideration the clients’ best interest throughout the process.


Marina Insurance Brokers employs a dedicated team of professionals and adopts the latest tools and best practices to increase the ease of doing business with us and ultimately enrich the customer experience. We likewise deal with the most reliable insurance companies that are fully qualified and experienced in providing the best terms for our clients.

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